Things you should know about ski racing

✔You must check the scoreboard for your time. If you see Did Not Finish (DNF) or Disqualified (DSQ) and wish to protest, it must be done immediately. See a coach. Please note your score is not official until gatekeepers’ clipboards are done at end of race. 15 minute protest window.

✔If you miss a gate, you must hike up to the gate and go around it then continue your run.

✔If you fall and do not lose skis, you must hike up to any missed gate(s), go around it and continue run.

✔If you fall and lose ski(s) you must move and get off the course immediately.

✔If you are badly hurt you should stay where you are.

✔If you lose ski(s) after 2nd to last gate, run through last gate and finish line as quickly as possible.

✔If you are interfered with i.e. gate down or person/equipment in the course, you must ski off course and let closest gatekeeper know and then go to the finish referee at the finish line to ask for a re-run. DO NOT go through