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Welcome Information

Welcome to SkiEast New Season

Ski East is a Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association (MIAA) sanctioned high school alpine race league  with 10 member schools and over 300 racers competing in Slalom and Giant Slalom disciplines.  

Our mission is to encourage and train young people in the sport and enjoyment of alpine ski racing.  Our league attempts to be inclusive rather than exclusive, while also challenging our better, more experienced racers.

Steps Required for Parents/Guardians

Parents or guardians must register their racers, accept liability waivers, and enter correct contact information to enable  prompt and effective communication by the league and our coaches.  Here are the steps:

  1. Login to an existing Sports Engine (SE) account or or create a new one
  2. Register your athlete
  3. Enter racer's information in fields marked as such (i.e.,  first name, last name, email, and phone). 
  4. Enter Parent/Guardian information in fields marked as such (e.g., Parent/Guardian email). 
  5. When prompted, select "ADD:  This is a secondary email address. Add this address to your account. It will receive all email messages sent to your account. The address must be confirmed before it will be listed in your account settings."
  6. Notes:
    • Primary communication will be via email 
    • Racers will receive the same communications as Parent/Guardian only if their email is added to the parents SE  account (See ADD email step above)
    • Only mobile phone entered in SE account  profile can receive texts if selected in account settings. 
Clarifying Notes:
  • Racers and Parent/Guardian will receive the same communications once athlete/racer is registered.
  • Racers only need to create their own SportsEngine account if they wish to add content to a team website (e.g., post pictures, videos, or comments).

Support the League!
The league hires and pays race officials, TD or Technical Delegates,  to oversea the operation of our races.  However, the league also has additional needs to enhance the safety of our racers and the operation of the league.  Please consider supporting our Equipment and Supply Fund fundraiser.    We are purchasing additional on-the-hill VHF radios  for this season.  Each coach will have a radio to allow effective communication with the other coaches and race officials during our races.  Additional items include ribbons, medals, awards, replacement bibs and training equipment.  A simple donation of $10-20, will be a huge benefit for the league to meet current and future obligations!   

Parent Portal

Be sure to visit the Parent Portal page for information and tips to make the most of your Sports Engine and Ski East experience. 

We hope your are as excited to join our league as we are to have you as a member.  

Thank you.

Ski East Racing League

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