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Hanover and Cohasset combine for 2020

The Hanover ski team will merge with Cohasset for the 2020 season under coach Jack Dane.  

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Recent Hanover Ski Team News

Ragged Mountain Clinic Results 12/17

By Coach McRae 12/20/2017, 4:15pm EST

A quick summary of this past weekend's event.

Hello Everyone,

With the shuffling of bibs this weekend, I thought a quick summary might help add clarification to this weekend's results.


Racer Run 1(sec) Run 2(sec) Top 6
Peter 32.53 32.15 Yes
Haraden 33.02 DNS Yes
Sean 29.45 DNS Yes
Ryan 33.77 32.95 Yes
Kyle DNS DNS  
Cameron H. 36.45 DNS  
Pat 39.15 DNS  
Jason 32.44 DNS Yes
Jackson 30.82 DNS Yes

**We did not have any girls race this weekend. 

Times are relative to the conditions and course set. Every race is unique. The top finisher this weekend had a time of 24.97 seconds. These results will not count in any league standings, however they are very important for creating our first start list of the season. 

Our top 6 finishers will be racing during Hanover's first varsity race of the season on 1/3/17.  Congratulations to those who finished top 6!



Ragged Mountain Clinic 12/17/17

By Coach McRae 12/16/2017, 2:45pm EST

Everything Racers need to know about our first opportunity to ski this season.

Hello Everyone!

Here is a summary of everything we need to know for tomorrow's Ragged Mountain Clinic.


We will be departing the  rear Merchants Row Parking lot at the intersection of 53 and 123, by Assinippi corner by 6:00am. 

Please arrive no later than 5:45am.

We will return to the Merchant's row lot at approximately 5pm. There is potential for a large window for our return time depending on when our last varsity racer finishes, traffic, weather, and a variety of factors.  Typically we leave Ragged around 2:30pm. 

What You Need

  1. WAIVER.  Completed & Signed.
  2. Payment for lift ticket. Either $50 cash or $50 check made out to Ragged Mountain.  If bringing cash, please bring exact cash. I will not have enough change available to accommodate everyone. 
  3. HELMET with HARD EAR COVERINGS. You will not be allowed to race with out one. You will not be given a lift ticket without one. 
  4. Skis, Poles, Boots & appropriate accessories. 
  5. It is recommended you pack a lunch or bring spending money for lunch.



First GS Run will begin as close to 9:00am as possible. Being the first event of the season expect Delays. The second Run Typically starts around 1:00pm.

When we arrive, promptly get dressed, and head out to slip the course before it closes.



Be patient and safe.

This race does not count  in any standings. This is a learning event. 

Our goal as a team is to get a feel for how a race day typically runs and have some fun skiing, safely.  




12/11-12/17 Action Required!

By Coach McRae 12/11/2017, 1:00am EST

Multiple Action items this week!

Hey Guys!

First, sorry about the confusion with the calendar. It should be resolved within the next day or two. If you have any questions about an event, please open the individual event and look for the 'Hanover' tag. 


Blue Hills waivers are due Tuesday, 12/12. 

Ragged Mountain waivers will been sent home this week and must be returned by Friday, 12/15.

No waivers = No passes. 


Blue Hills Season Pass Night 12/13

We will be meeting at Blue Hills Wednesday for our Racing Season Passes.  Please arrive by 6:20pm.  Have your payment method ready. ($199)

Ragged Mountain 12/17

Our first Ragged trip is this coming Sunday, 12/17.  The bus will be departing the Merchants Row Parking lot at 6am.

Please bring a check made out to Ragged Mountain for $50. If you must bring cash, please bring exactly $50. 


It's exciting to see everyone working hard this time of year. I believe there is a tremendous amount of value in doing a few events as a team prior to our first races. Dryland training will continue Tuesday and Thursday. Keep up the great work!

Team Gear

Based off team feedback, I have been pricing out a few different pom-pom style hats. If anyone would like any input, please reach out to me ASAP.  I am aiming to have orders out this week. 


That's all for now!



Get involved! Gatekeepers needed

The following are the most pending gatekeeping slots for the race we co-host.  In addition to our own hosted races, it is expected that we fill slots proportional to our team size.  See the full list of all available slots on the DIBS page