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Gatekeeping , or Gate Judging, is critically important to running a fair and successful race event.  The league relies on parents to fill the role of gatekeepers.  

We need 84 gatekeeping slots filled this season ( 12 runs x  7 gatekeepers).   Each school should contribute gatekeepers in proportion to their team size and anyone can volunteer for any race.  That said, each race's hosting team is ultimately responsible to fulfill gatekeeping slots and may be penalized if they fail to do so. 

At the bottom of the page you will find a list of the most immediate date/time slots needed.  For a view of all available slots,  follow the link below to the DIBS page.

Gatekeeping Instructions

The instruction document is a "cheat sheet" for the most important bullet points for the Ski East gate judges. We will usually review that with the gate keepers before the race.

The two videos below give US Ski and Snowboard instructions on how to be a gate judge. They are very detailed but worth watching.

The following are the most pending gatekeeping slots needing to be filled.  See the full list of all available slots on the DIBS page