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Welcome to the  Arlington Alpine Ski team. The high school has partnered with the Ski East league to provide members of the Arlington high school an opportunity to race.  Participants are expected to know how to ski; however, prior race experience is not required.


Paul Klosterman will be returning as head coach.   His email is


Arlington high school has established the following rules for coping with the covid pandemic.  These are stricter than Massachusetts state rules and SkiEast league rules.   All athletes must comply:

If you leave the state you can't come back to school or sports for either

  • 14 days from when you return
  • 10 days from when you return, if you get tested on the 8th day and receive a negative result

This effectively means if you go out of state, for example to a ski house in NH or VT, you will not be allowed to compete the following week.



Skis, boots, goggles, poles, and clothing are the responsibility of the skier.  Students will not be allowed to practice or to race without a helmet, which must have HARD EAR COVERINGS.  Race suits are not required.

A few notes regarding gear:

  • Although not required, ski tuning (sharpening and waxing) helps. Sharp skis turn on New England snow, while dull skis skid. 
  • You do not need separate slalom and GS skis, kids can use whatever skis they have for both disciplines. 
  •   Since we will be skiing at night, clear or lightly tinted goggles are recommended
  • Helmets - as mentioned above, hard shell helmets are required. This is a safety requirement, so no exceptions. Hard shell helmets do not require FIS stickers, there are options at reasonable price (around $60).


All practices and Races will be at Blue Hills in Canton, MA. No Transportation will be provided by the school you must get there on your own. Car-pooling will be limited this year due to COVID restrictions


Due to lodges and facilities being closed, all athletes will be expected to use their cars and parking lots to stow gear, boot up and as a base of operation



We will use both email and Sports Engine (email & text) to communicate with parents and athletes.  The email you add during registration will be used by default.  

USSA membership

No USSA membership is required for high school racing


  1. All participants on the ski team must have a valid parental permission form.
  2. All fees associated with the team must be paid for a student to participate in practices.
  3. Any student found to use or be in possession of alcohol, tobacco, or any drug or controlled substance will be suspended from the team immediately in accordance with MIAA rules.
  4. Both parents and students understand the importance of attending all practices and races. If you expect to miss a session, let the coach know in advance.
  5. Students will wear and be responsible for bibs loaned to them for race events.  They will return  the bibs promptly after each race.  If damaged or lost, they will reimburse the league $25 for a replacement.  
  6. Students are responsible for their own transportation to and from Blue Hills
  7. Practices and races can be postponed or cancelled at the last minute due to changing weather conditions. Students and parents will monitor their email for communications sent prior to all skiing events.